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If you record music on a PC or MAC, and use a drum machine, soft synth, VST instrument, or Acid loops, at some point you may say to yourself, "Hmm... this song sounds pretty good, but if only I could have real drums on it..." Well, now you can! This is the very basic formula – when you contact me I will give you all the details you need to set up the process for getting your tracks to me.

Step 1 - Your have an existing session on your PC
Step 2 - You email me a mixdown of the session
Step 3 - I record real drums for you and send them back on CD
Step 4 - You import my drum tracks into your session

Omega Sound Productions partial equipment list

Recorder: Tascam ATR60-16 1" analog tape machine
Mixer: TAC Scorpion 24/16/2
DAW: M-Audio Delta 1010, PC, Cubase
Synchronization: MOTU Digital Timepiece

Processing: TL Audio and Drawmer compressors, various plug-ins

Kick: AKG D112 and/or Shure SM91
Snare: Shure SM57 or AKG C-414
Toms: Sennheiser MD421's
Overheads: Shure SM81's

Available drums and cymbals
Ayotte Custom
(Maple with wood hoops)
Kick: 22x16; Toms: 10x8, 12x9, 15x14

DW 4x14 (maple)
DW 4x14 (brass)
Yamaha 6.5x14 (brass)
Ayotte 6.5x14 (maple with wood hoops)

Avedis Zildjian and Zildjian K's
22" Ping Ride
21" Sweet Ride
14" New Beat hi-hats
13" K/Z hi-hats
16" K crash
17" Medium crash
18" K crash
18" China Boy low
Sabian 14" HH Regular hi-hats


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