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Additional Services

Full service recording studio - available for bands, demos, albums, remote/live recording also possible
Mixing/transfer from 1" 16 track to digital
Data archival -
Extra CD-R copies of your purchased tracks can be kept and stored for a nominal fee
Tape archival -
If you want the reel of tape I use for your tracks to be kept intact and not reused then you need to cover the costs of the tape. I can store the tape as well or ship it to you. This also makes it possible for you to take the tracks to a local studio with the same machine to continue a fully analog session.
Mixing/producing/engineering sessions -
I am also able to work on the rest of your session, such as mixing the tracks once they are complete. All I need are the raw tracks or the session files and I can assemble them and mix. Please contact me to discuss the possibilities if this service interests you.

Bass tracks - Should you require some really groovin' bass tracks, my wife Lizzy Daymont is an outstanding bassist. Even if you are, say, a guitarist who typically plays your own bass parts, consider the possibility of using a well-locked rhythm section. We can provide your music with a solid and creative foundation. For more information on Lizzy, please visit her fun and informative website.
Live performance -
I am available for hire for performances.
Recording sessions -
If you need a session drummer at your own studio, or for a recording session booked at another studio, I am available for that too.
Percussion, loops -
I can also play various percussion, and can supply or create drum loops. I like to create "organic" loops of real drums, or snare & brush loops.
Other instruments by referral -
I know some fabulous musicians and singers. If you need anything from keyboards, to guitar tracks, a guitar solo, background vocals (male and female), it can all be arranged. Just contact me if you're interested.

PC/DAW consulting/building - I have been trying to convince my computers to make music since about 1987. As part of this process I have learned quite a bit about PCs and audio. I have also spent a few years in the IT field. I can design and/or build you a PC for audio work, or help troubleshoot or repair you existing PC. Even if you just need a bit of advice or someone to bounce ideas off of, feel free to contact me.


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