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Flight by Thrown Electric (review at Gods of Music)
"...The Drums: Played by Pete Johnston were well crafted in the pocket and powerfully in control of the rhythm. This is a Drummers-Drummer! This is the caliber of player one might call if they were embarking in a very expensive studio recording." .... Review by Annie Gibbens, Gods of Music

Weep by Sonneman/Lacefield (review at Gods of Music)
"...The drum intro is inviting. The sound as well as the playing is near exceptional. This is no doubt the work of a percussion expert." .... Review by Sarah Ann Smith, Gods of Music

For public release 10/15/2003:
"Prior to calling upon Pete's services, The Late September Dogs found themselves in a difficult situation with a last minute personnel cancellation for recording session of our first LP. With studio time already booked and a liability for the cost of that time, we had to quickly find a percussionist that could learn our material as if he had written it himself and execute.

We called upon Pete to help fulfill our studio obligation, and in retrospect it was the best call we could have made. With a week and a half until the sessions began, Pete graciously availed himself every night to rehearse the material. Pete's ability to map the songs and learn the parts as we would like to have them recorded was instrumental in our eventual success.

Expecting a bare basics performance in the studio, we were overwhelmed by the complexity and insight Pete had given to the newly learned material. Pete's performances not only captured the general idea of the drum parts, but went well beyond and gave our songs a dynamic we had never expected.

Pete's preparation, diligence and execution of the material were done with the highest level of professionalism and skill. His ability to quickly bond with the band was outstanding and we couldn't be happier with the finished product.

The Late September Dogs strongly endorse Pete to any other musical artists looking for a solid recording or live performance with respect to percussion. In the highest possible language, we extend many thanks to Pete
and look forward to our next project together."

Rob Hollywood
.Management - Late September Dogs



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