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Lizzy Daymont
Lizzy is my wife and the reason I sold my bass!

Pete and Lizzy
We are available for gigs and recordings. More pictures can also be found here.

Brian Sonneman
A singer/songwriter extraordinaire and long time friend. Brian's vocals are phenomenal. We have played in bands on and off since high school and have spent much time in the studio as songwriting collaborators. We are currently in the process of recording some new music which will likely be material for Brian's next CD.

Charlie Drown
(psst! hey mom, don't click this link, ok? Charlie's website isn't exactly rated 'G'!)
Industrial, dance-metal with great songs, a crushing band, and a wicked singer. Each show is an event! We are currently playing in support of Charlie's new CD and will hopefully be doing some touring in the near future.

Yogi and Half Zaftig
Our newest band. Yogi is a master wordsmith and guitar-wielder. This band is a great opportunity for me to explore a lot of territory in a prog-rock vein. We have been performing locally for the past few months and are working on new material.

Web hosting for musicians. If you need webspace and an excellent host, check out Hostbaby-- I use and highly recommend them.

I record and rehearse in a custom-made booth to keep the neighbors happy. For more info, please see "building a drum booth" and be sure to check out the company's website. They make booths in all shapes and sizes, and not just for drums and vocals.


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