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Welcome to RealDrumTracks.com -- a service of Omega Sound Productions, and featuring the studio drumming expertise of Pete Johnston.

These days, with even minimal equipment, you can record a great sounding CD yourself in your own home. A lot of bands and artists start their projects in a studio with a drummer and an engineer who knows how to get great drum sounds, and they transfer the drum tracks to hard disk so the can take them home to do all the overdubs. However, booking studio time and hiring a session drummer is expensive.

I work out of my home studio and provide all these services in a one-stop package. I can provide you with drum tracks recorded on analog tape, using just about any kind of guide track you have. You can use my tracks to start new sessions or I can replace existing tracks by sync'ing the analog deck and PC. Either way, at a price that anyone can afford, even those who record their music just for fun, I can be your studio, engineer, and session drummer. We can even work together completely over the 'net if you want, and I'm extremely flexible when it comes to formats and options.

Please keep in mind that everything I do is extremely subjective. On the audio examples page I offer sound files that will give you a very good idea of a typical performance and audio quality. I recommend taking a close listen to this material to help you determine if I'm the right fit for your project. Then when you're ready to hire a real drummer to lay down some tracks for you, contact me: pete@realdrumtracks.com.

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