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Building the drum booth

Watch as two skinny musicians build a drum booth without enlisting the help of taller, stronger and otherwise more capable friends... OK, we did enlist the help of a bass amp stack to help get the ceiling panels into position...

Commercial plug: We got this fine booth from vocalbooth.com. If you are in need of a vocal, amp or drum booth, check them out. This booth was affordable, fairly easy to assemble (some muscle required) and contains the noise of rock drumming really well. You can order one in just about any size. Our 8ft high model is not standard-- the regular height is designed to be set up under a standard 8ft ceiling.

The booth we got is an 8x8x8 with 2 windows. I use it mainly to keep the neighbors happy and the police away... The low frequencies are somewhat audible outside the house, but I can play well into the night without anyone knowing there's a drummer living next door. It's extremely useful for rehearsal-- the drums are miked in and get piped through the PA, so the band can adjust my volume however they want. Rehearsals can now be at a reasonable volume, go late into the evening, and I can play as loud as I want! Finally...

It's also very handy for recording vocals, acoustic guitar, and as an amp booth. This sort of noise is quite a bit easier to contain than, say, the bass drum, so we can crank a guitar amp to, say, 11! and still hear the monitors in the main room. Some have asked me how the acoustics are-- they are fairly dead with all the foam in place. However, a few well-placed pieces of plywood provided just the right amount reflectivity, without any flutter echo. Now there's a nice ambience in the booth that livens up the overheads quite well.

Many thanks to vocalbooth.com for a fine product and all the assistance in making this all possible for me.

The U-Haul arrives...

Panels unloaded

Ready to begin

Laying out the subfloor

Foam floor is ready

Some panels, ready to go

Cutting the foam to fit

The foundation

2 sections, joined

Swapping a few brackets

First floor piece

Laying the 2nd floor panel

The completed floor

Ready for the first panel!

Another view

One corner standing

2nd corner & window panel

Attaching the corner

View from the outside

Looks good so far!


More panels installed

Walls are up

Door done, vents in progress

Dropping in the ceiling...

With the help of a bass amp!

Ceiling fell into place easily

Stuffing the cracks with foam

Attaching foam to the ceiling

The most important part!

Job is done, ready to play!


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